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The Stars night at Ru’aa Al Khali Overnight Desert Tour

The city of Thumrait

Thumrait is a small town in southern Oman on the main road between Dhofar and the rest of Oman.

In ancient times Thumrait was an important link between the south and north in the Arabian Peninsula.

The main professions of the people of Thumrait are camels and livestock breeding, weaving, paddock grazing and tanning.


Thelost city of Ubar “UNESCO World Heritage Site”

«the Atlantis of the Sands»

According to myth, the desert swallowed up Ubar. Quite literally, it sank without trace -becoming the fabled «Atlantis of the Sands. In the end of 1991, guided by ancient maps and satellite surveys, archaeologistsand explorers have discovered remains of the city deep in the sands. Led by Sir Ranulph Fiennes.

The black camel Oasis (Dromedary)

One of the unique experiences you can get In the empty quarter desert is watching the black camel


the Empty Quarter

(Al RubAl Khali)

is the largest  sand desert in the world, it is a large area of sand dunes around 650,000 km2 (250,000 sq mi) shared 4 countries borders.

The simple Bedouin life and black camels farms with millions of stars it has been featured in several international films, such as: Star Wars, The Force Awakens, The Matrix, The Panther and many others.

It is believed that the lake beds were originally shallow lakes formed by monsoon rains thousands of years ago, and only lasted for a few years.

You will enjoy listening to old stories about, its culture and the desert.

Duka Valley ” UNESCO World Heritage Site “

(The old Frankincense town)

The most beautiful scent of the ancient world

THESE trees are thousands of years old before oil was discovered, frankincense was the main source of wealth for Oman. Two thousand years ago, frankincense was of equal value to gold, the trees, up to 7ft tall In Oman, the smell of frankincense is something more spiritual.

Camel racing Field

A chance whilst being in the heart of the desert to be in the place where camel racing is being held in Dhofar and to know a bit about the contest style.

Tour Include:

  1. Dinner and breakfast
  2. Guiding fees
  3. Transportation from and to hotel
  4. Entrance fees
  5. soft Drinks
  6. accommodation tent.

Tour Exclude

  1. Tipping & gratitude’s