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Full Day Western Salalah Tour

Ittin Mountain

Mountains constitute a large percentage of the environment

Of Oman. The flora and fauna living in these mountains vary.

Seasonal rains, known locally as AL Khareef, are the primary source

Of the underground reservoirs in the mountain and plain areas.

Rain falls regularly on the plains region and the mountains adjacent to it.

From the end of June to September every year.

Among the best-known springs in Dhofar are Mount Ittin,

Visitors to Iteen plain are keen to climb to Iteen Mountain near Salalah

To enjoy the beauty of nature, rains, fog, and the beautiful green scenery from the top.


Prophet Job’s Tomb

The Tomb of Job is one of the alleged burial sites of Job.

It is located in the hills overlooking the city of Salalah of all of the lands and places

Mentioned in the Hebrew Bible, none lie so far off the beaten

Path as distant Oman.  More than a thousand miles away from the Holy Land,

across rugged mountains and nearly impassable deserts,

the homeland of the Prophet Job.


Ain Jarziz (Jarziz Water spring)

The water springs are considered one of the most beautiful tourists

Sites in the Governorate of Dhofar, Ain Jarziz is in proximity to Ittin Plain.

From the intersection of Iteen Plain. What distinguishes this spring

Is the forest of shady trees that sits at the foot of the surrounding


Mugsayl Beach (Blowholes)

The most famous attraction in Dhofar is Mugsayl Beach.

The beach is a long stretch of blue sea water and white sand.

The landscape

Is pretty nice and the beach has mountains when you are there you will be

Able to see Marneef cave a beautiful rock formation.

At a stone’s throw away from the Marneef Cave are

Three impressive blowholes (known as Al-Mugsayl Blowholes).

They are also referred to as Mugsayl Natural Fountains.

These three entertaining blowholes have meshes over them.

When the sea is slightly rough, seawater explodes into the air

Through these holes in the rock.

The Zig-Zag road & Frankincense Valley

Following to Mugsayl beach visit, there is a scenic Zig-Zag road

Up the mountain face, and to view frankincense trees

Valley when they flower Honeybees to produce the frankincense

Honey for which Dhofar is famous.

Al Fazayah Beach

It is a beautiful hidden beach gem about an hour West

Of Salalah and well worth the trip. The beach is quite

Large and most of the time you can have a section to

yourself or even find a hidden cove. Stunning for swimming,

Camels often graze along the beach, Stargazing from the beach

Can be amazing but do be aware of high tide.