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The Sultan Qaboos Mosque

The location is in the heart of town

Another wonderful building in Salalah, a crystal chandelier hangs from an intricately carved 36-meter (118-foot) dome, and a 20-ton hand woven carpet with 115 million individual knots covers the floor. Outside, the landscaped grounds provide a peaceful spot for rest. its opened for visitors from Saturdays to Thursdays from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00.


Al-Husn Palace

The palace of the government in Dhofar, door is closed for visitors but you can see The palace beautiful building, surrounded by a green garden With an impressive gates and a Very intricate artwork. You can take photos there


El Hafa Souq

If you like hanging out in traditional markets Al-Hafa Souq is your perfect destination, the largest and oldest souk in Salalah.

Al Hafa Souq is an experience to find out more about Oman in a sensational way. It is a good place to buy unique items related to Oman like Frankincense, Omani handcrafted cap, Henna, perfumes and more.